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N.E.E.D. Food Fly-in Tomorrow.
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:50:28 pm »
Just a reminder that the Food Fly-in is still going on tomorrow.  What flying gets done will be determined by Lewie and Darrell after they evaluate the field.  Bring your food donations and meet the volunteers from N.E.E.D. who will be collecting the food and taking it back with them.  Lunch will be served and will be free for everyone from 1130 to 1230ish.  Bring your planes and if we don't get to fly we can have a "show and tell."   Electric aircraft may get to fly from the helicopter area if the wind isn't to bad.

Remember, bring you food donation and aircraft out and enjoy a good time with your fellow club members.  Chuck Rovell and Scott Farrow

Darrell will unlock the gate at 0730.  Please come at that time and help us setup.
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