Author Topic: SALE HobbyKing 1875mm B-17 F/G Electric V2 today 08-31-18  (Read 353 times)

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SALE HobbyKing 1875mm B-17 F/G Electric V2 today 08-31-18
« on: August 31, 2018, 09:44:41 am »
I have 40flights of video on my V1 Memphis Bell dual 4s 35c 2200mAh LiPo FMS B-25 prop and hub version flying via Hobby Eagle A3 Pro SE external stabilizer F/W Ver 1.1 ....probably another 10flights not on video....then another 11flights on my V1 Liberty Bell with the same set up.

The HobbyKing sale at $257.97 then another 10% off with free shipping is very tempting.  Again if I did not have two V1's in operation and a house+garage+barn full of aircraft.....I would not hesitate to get a V2 at this price.....$232.17

The V2's fly via 3s Lipo twin battery or single battery set up (battery connector harness is included for either option).  This aircraft is one of my favorite models.....This is a huge model and fun for the price

Here is the assembly guide:

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