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PaperFoam kit build - Flite Test Sea Duck with differntial thrust
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:40:11 pm »
This will be my first attempt at building a sheet foam (paper back cover) airframe.  The kit comes complete with various options to choose from if you don't have motors, ESC's, Batteries, props etc etc

I am just getting my hangar set up for building from sheet foam - so I needed to purchase the entire array required including hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.  Mine is too small and no way will cover a four foot line of material in time to set the joints up before the glue gets cold.

One of the tricks that is marvelous is setting up the airframe for differential thrust.....the airframe requires no rudder with this set up.  Originally set up for water operation so it can taxi properly without rudder fins......the differential thrust also enable the pilot to do some pretty extreme 3D with this twin.

Anyway - looking forward to this build.....FliteTest has an entire build video step by step....shouldn't take me more than a few weeks to complete mine (gulp)

Here is the video of the airframe....these guys are a very positive vibe for the R/C's all good:

If you get the build is what it can fly like on 3s power system!

UPDATE: Build Completed 10-06-16

This was my first build of any kind with the foam board....pretty neat. Thank's to Josh and Flight Test build video....I would have been lost without the video.

I ordered the speed kit and all the components shelf components including the glue gun, glue sticks, tape and tools.....the system electronics and motors are especially nice.

Great product....great practice in use of better components.....and the flight video's demonstrating the airframe performance is what I was looking for.

I'll bet I have at least 15hrs build time on this build....added a six toggle LED light kit....hopefully the all the prep, sanding and painting will be completed this evening so I can add some details color accents and antenna the sticker logo of the plane....but since there is only one of the Sea Duck I may not use it....perhaps one on each outside Tail Rudder Fin would be appropriate.

I did deploy two small magnets to the top hatch door. Also special note. .....
I have to place my 4s 35c 2250mAh LiPo way up in front to achieve the COG at the points provided on the underside of the main wing. Additionally I needed to fish through another Velcro battery strap to help hold the LiPo at the forward position then glue down a strip of Velcro to help secure the battery that far I would advise putting your Velcro battery straps in the number two and three slots from the front of the battery tray.

I sanded down the entire airframe very lightly with 220grit sandpaper....then applied four very light coats of Valspar PrimerTopCoat yellow to get a consistent coverage....then masked off the plane for the Red spray sections.

It's still pretty neat to think....four days ago it was all flat sheets of stamped foam board!!

I have dialed in my travel adjustments and set up my dual rates. Thanks to some internet video's showing how to set up Spektrum differential thrust.....I am ready to maiden....perhaps this Saturday if the weather clears!!

Paul H Lange
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