April through September, during daylight savings time, weather permitting. However, please contact an instructor, (see instructor listing below), if you plan on attending during this time so that everyone can be accommodated. Flight training includes the following:

"hands on" flight training on a buddy box system

free training flights at the GSW flying facility

tips and tricks from some of our more experienced pilots

help on engine tuning and aircraft maintenance


Everyone has a different aptitude level for learning to fly radio-control aircraft. This much is certain: The basic skills required for RC flying are hard enough to learn that you will not want to try to learn by yourself. Teaching one’s self can be done but usually leads to several crashes of varying consequence in the process! Fixing airplanes is not nearly as much fun as flying. This is where a flight instructor can help: he’ll flight test and trim your plane, take off and land for you, give you pointers, and with the help of a “buddy-box.” This form of dual-control allows the instructor to take control if you get into trouble in the air. While we can’t promise your instructor will never crash, you will have a much better chance of keeping your plane in one piece with an instructor backing you up on a buddy-box, than without this advantage.

You must be a member of the (AMA) to fly at the club field, and membership in our club is required to obtain flight instruction. If you are new to our hobby/sport, or rusty in your flight skills after an absence, you are encouraged to come to our flying field and take advantage of the opportunity for one-on-one instruction/help. There are no fees involved for this instruction, it’s absolutely free! You just need to join the club and have your current AMA card with you.

Pilot Training & Aircraft Inspections Available

Please be sure and contact Bob McDuff to schedule times for instruction.

GSW Flight Instructors for 2017

Flight Instructor Coordinator: Bob McDuff mcduff111@yahoo.com 817-595-2530

Frank Rowell frowell3@tx.rr.com 817-265-2471

Joel Jerabek jrjerabek@sbcglobal.net 817-428-8218

Berry Ponder melissamelparis@sbcglobal.net 817-638-6149